Long Distance

Long Distance


Long Distance – long holidays in Europe? A couple of days in Prague or Berlin? Or maybe a Danube river cruise from Budapest to Vienna? If you are spending your holiday in Europe there are several beautiful and magical cities really worth visiting.

The most picturesque and most important capital cities in the East part of Europe are just a few hundred kilometers away from Cracow.

Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin all of them are within six hours drive away.

The location of the cities guarantees unforgettable views and while traveling you can see many fascinating places. With our company you will be able to visit the picturesque regions of Poland as well as the neighbouring countries fast and safe.

The travel with Taxi Lotnisko Balice guarantees comfort and safety not to be met on any of the railway connections available in the area. What is more, our safe and reliable connections prevail over local flight connections.

Flight connections from Krakow to the capital cities in the area require transfers to European airports, which means tiring changes, stressful situations encountered at airports and hours spent on waiting for the flight. With us you can get time to relax and enjoy your holiday to the full.

Long Distance

Travel to different cities with our company guarantees safety and high standard, all at a reasonable price. You gain the possibility to spend your time more effectively visiting one amazing city after another rather than train stations and airports.

When you choose our services theres no need to bother with things like whether the train is on time. The carriages are clean and fellow passengers nice. When you travel with us you dont need to worry about your luggage, whats more, the nervous search for your hotel in a foreign city belongs to the past.

Our company will do all this for you! When ordering our service just provide us with the details of the pick up location and the destination.

Our professional drivers will take care of you and deliver you to your next holiday  spot.
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